Beating the holiday rush: how to get a cheap holiday deal

Read our tips to find a cheap holiday deal to Puglia and other European holiday destinations
Do we all have to be resigned to high prices and bankrupting flight prices for family holidays? No it doesn’t!


The words ‘summer holiday’ have airlines and travel companies rubbing their hands together in glee! High season runs from the end of June until the end of the first week of September and prices go up exponentially – including villa rental and hotel prices. So does that mean we all have to be resigned to high prices and bankrupting flight prices? No it doesn’t! With a few different strategies there are ways to keep your costs down if you are willing to take a gamble and shake things up a bit. Here is your VillaRentalsPuglia guide to how to get a cheap holiday deal to Puglia and other European destinations.

How to get a cheap holiday deal

1. Book outside of peak holiday season

If you have children it’s difficult, if not impossible to take them out of school term time. However, there are also school breaks during Easter and Autumn. Villa prices are at least a third cheaper, and flights are at their near lowest price for the year. It’ll be cooler at this time of year, so as a backup make sure your villa has heating in case of a day of bad weather. This solution is actually really good if you love exploring towns and the local places or walks along the beach rather than swimming in it.

If school holidays aren’t part of your booking considerations, book in May/June and early October. The sun is out, restaurants and cafes are buzzing already but without queues of people to fight through, and you don’t have to fight hundreds of tourists along narrow pedestrianised streets. If you really want to see local life and culture with no tourists, come in the middle of Winter. So the weather will be cold enough to warrant jeans and jackets but you will have an experience like no other to really see what Puglia has to offer.

2. Drive to Puglia

Why not make arriving at your destination part of the holiday experience? With two weeks off, one week can be set aside to accommodate for your outward and return journey. By the time you have a family car full of people and luggage, the cost won’t be too different to paying for everyone’s flights with luggage allowance…..and think of all the goodies you can bring back with no weight allowance! You’ll also get a much fuller holiday experience by seeing what you’d usually miss out on by taking a plane.

3. Play the last minute gamble

If you’re brave enough to wait it out to the last possible minute, and have some flexibility as to when you can go, it’s possible to find good last minute flights – especially if you’re ready to compromise with a drive on arrival. Due to the volume of flights to larger cities such as Naples, Milan or Rome, last minute flights are usually easy to find at reduced prices. We always have last minute discounts on villas, so if you sign up to our mailing list you can be the first in the know!

4. Book 9 months in advance

If gambling isn’t your thing, you can beat the holiday rush by booking at least 9 months in advance. Flights are a nice price, and if you book a villa before November, chances are the prices will not have been reviewed yet for the following year and will be offered at the same price as they were for the season just passed.

5. Ask for a discount!

Coming for more than one week? Ask for a discount on your villa. Your agent may say it’s not possible, but if you don’t ask you’ll never know. Feel free to ask us and we may be able to help you!

Alternatively, start your search for a villa and find your dream holiday in Puglia.