People and Places of Puglia | Puglia at a Glance

Welcome to our ongoing gallery of some of the people and the places in Puglia that make this region of Italy fantastic. Peruse some pretty moments captured in Puglia and enjoy view local southern Italian life.

Trullo cones in alberobello unesco site

Trullo cones are ubiquitous of Puglia, and when the sun lights them up against a blue sky its magic

Pretty and enchanting cones in the UNESCO town of Alberobello, Puglia

Dogs and their owners in puglia

During the long summer days even the dogs get thirsty,  and we spotted this lovely dog in Ostuni, ‘la citta bianca’ getting something to drink.

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Water fountains are found in every Puglian town, supplying drinking water to all including our four legged friends!

Boats and more boats on 2 coastlines

Not one but 2 astounding seas hug Italy’s heel. The Adriatic and the Ionian are chalk and cheese but nonetheless both are gems fully worth getting to know intimately.

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Explore Puglia from a different angle or enjoy your own private sea view

People in Puglia make it personal for Michelin

The local restaurants are rightly proud of their culinary heritage and where better to keep your cheese cellar than in the same room as you enjoy the delicious dishes on offer

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Caciocavallo cheese cellar in Cibus, Ceglie Messapica

Olive trees stand the test of time

Magnificent olive groves stand ever green against striking tilled terracotta earth. Covering the area between Ostuni and Fasano in Puglia colonial properties dot this striking area.

Beautiful millennia olive trees produce evo olive oil near Ostuni

Holiday gift shopping in the Itria Valley

These two ladies of Puglia refuse to let work get in the way of La Dolce Vita

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Gift shopping is a tiring business : )