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The best beaches in Puglia: Wild Ride or Smooth Chill?

How do you like it? Wild, Excitable and Rocky or Smooth, Gentle and Calm: It’s all about the best beaches in Puglia! Now, when it comes to beaches, I am particular but inclusive. I like it smooth and calm like a bath balm, or wild and rocky to bring out the untamed and more adventurous … Continued

Villa Rentals Puglia, Restaurant Reviews: Vino Fritti e Cucina

This restaurant with antipasti in Puglia, was originally called ‘Mier e Rizzet’, which is ‘Wine and Food’, in local Ceglie Messapica dialect. It changed name a couple of years ago to add clarity, although I preferred the original name which I think was more nuanced. It sits in the heart of Ceglie Messapica, just off … Continued

Beating the holiday rush: how to get a cheap holiday deal

  The words ‘summer holiday’ have airlines and travel companies rubbing their hands together in glee! High season runs from the end of June until the end of the first week of September and prices go up exponentially – including villa rental and hotel prices. So does that mean we all have to be resigned … Continued