Trullo and Lamia | Puglia at a Glance


Trulli and Lamie (plural) are the unique, traditional buildings of Puglia. The Trullo is probably more ancient and well-known but both are beautiful in their own way. You’ll find both kinds frequently peppering the local countryside and towns in Puglia.

The Trullo

You can’t really think about Puglia without picturing the Trullo, with its iconic cone-shaped roof. You’ll notice that whitewashed tips top the structures, and overlapping stones make up the roof itself.

Dating from the medieval period, Trulli probably originate as a temporary buildings housing farm animals and produce. However, local mythology claims that the constructors specifically designed them to allow the building to be collapsed easily to avoid local building taxes… We’ll let you make your own mind up about that!

You’ll also find a variation in the ‘Saracen Trullo’, which has a domed top instead of the typical cone.

Today the building has become a part of modern Pugliese design, linking the old and the new. Coming in many sizes, from small and single to multiple, internally-linked structures, these unusual circular rooms make for a fantastically cool interior during the summer, owing to walls that are often many feet thick.

The oldest known trulli are located in Alberobello – find out more about their history on the official Italian Tourist Information website.

The Lamia

The Lamia is a rectangular building or room with a curved ceiling, constructed in traditional stone blocks. Often the more practical of the two types, it has its own, slightly more modern beauty. Many traditional buildings incorporate a combination of both Trulli and Lamie.

Either way, you can find plenty of traditional properties in one of our many luxury villas.